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I want my love for music to impact the world... Its something I have passion for... and I want to pass that passion on for generations to come. I want my music to be timeless."

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It's not too often that you meet an artist quite as lyrical, passionate, yet as versatile as MixxxThaMonsta. It's not hard to see that he doesn't bother staying in any lane - instead, he creates his own lanes to dabble in and out of, and still finds a way to perfect each one, every time. 

MixxxThaMonsta, whose real name is Craig Primus Jr. credits his stage name to a few things - but first and foremost, no, the 3 x's are not sexual at all. In fact, the inspiration behind that comes from him being a bowler; being that the three X's stand for the three strikes in the 10th frame. Also in the bowling world, one of the most important parts of winning a game is striking out in the 10th - which he attributes to his own self as a nod saying that I'm clutch. The name as a whole came from his father. When I was younger in the bowling alley, all my friends and their parents had bowling names. My dads name just so happened to be Mixxx, because when the ball hit the pins,  they would mix all over the place (again the 3 x's for the strikes in the 10th frame). 
As far as the second half of the name "ThaMonsta", he attributes to cousin/engineer/labelmate Tailz Devonci - who literally coined the second half of the name in the middle of a session (while he was still rapping and recording). He said it aloud, manifested it, and the rest is history. 

Mixxx was born in Belleville, NJ; but resided in East Orange/ Newark up until 8th grade. Naturally in this business people  may feel pressured to say they're from Newark because of its notoriety and the stereotype it has, but he, himself, didn't feel he needed to necessarily choose. He likes to rep Jersey, because New Jersey doesn't get the same recognition that New York does.

 At the age of 13, Mixxx was brought into the music world by Tailz Devonci, but aside from a few beats/songs dropped here and there, it was mostly a hobby. He didn't really immerse himself into the artform until he was at least 17. He felt the transition was a smooth one, as he never seemed to have an issue with pressing his pen. This is more than likely due to the love for poetry he's been harboring since the age of 6. It's no wonder the words seem so effortless. Mixxx truly buckled down and delved into his music even more after his father passed away, as he felt like music was the only avenue that he could gets his thoughts out in a way that made sense to him, and those around him.


Mixxx's influences include Smino, Saba, Bas, JID, Kendrick Lamar, ChanceTheRapper, Drake and J Cole just to name a few. But interestingly enough though, Mixxx has two more unique influences that are a little closer to the cuff: his labelmates Farrakhan Khaliq and Tailz Devonci, because "...I feel like your influences should always be the people you put yourself around... as well as those who decide to put themselves around you..." As if the music were not proof enough, he claims "these two are probably the hardest working individuals that I know, both in and out of music. The hunger and drive that they possess is uncanny".

Since November 2020, Mixxx has dropped "11Eleven" (as an ode to his father), and 3 months later he dropped his second album "Tha Valentines Day MixxxTape". Prior to that, it was mostly production work for local artists while he was in high school. But the good news is, Mixxx plans on releasing an album once a year until at least 2024, so there's definitely something to look forward to next year.



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